Well, it’s published at Amazon

Well, I finally got to it.  Inglorious Adventure has been published in the Kindle library.  Or at least it’s been sent in.  How long the publishing process will take is anybody’s guess.

The whole ebook thing is still so new no standards have been evolved.  Kindle, Smashwords and all the rest, make their individual demands on the poor authors.  You white your stuff, then format and edit for each outlet.  A real pain in the ass.  You really have to want your stuff in print in order to go through all this.

I’m done for the day, maybe I’ll add some more on my day off, which is Thursday.  Oh, wait a minute.  I have a doctor’s appointment Thursday.  This afternoon I discovered an old mole has changed size and appearance and started to spread.  Sound like another goddamned cancer so I’m heading in to get the bad news.  More shall be revealed.


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