So, we have health care

Biggest news in the country these days.  True, the turd-throwers and Rush Limbaugh’s dhittoheads don’t like it, but who cares.  Though I’m on Medicare, my poor, long-suffering wife has no coverage.  If she can remain well for the next while, I might be able to buy a policy for her.

A gal with whom I share menial employment just came down with cancer but her hubby has a policy at work so she should be OK.  Should such a thing befall my beloved, one of the umpteen millions without insurance, I guess I’ll unlimber my .357 and threaten to blow out the brains of anyone who won’t treat her.

My boss is a retired Sergeant Major in the British Army and he tells me the UK’s national health program is top-notch.  It has no waiting lists or any of the other horrors ascribed to it by the dhittoheads and talk-radio yahoos.

My guess is that, with the ice broken, we’ll join the other 1st-world nations and have universal care inside three years.  Anyone disagree?


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