More Teabagger B.S.

Today’s newspaper (11 April 2010) ran an article on the Teabaggers’ planning a soirée up the road at which they will dance around, denouncing “big government” and all the ills attendant thereto.  Especially their main bugaboo, “creeping socialism.”  These people really piss me off.

Let’s look first that the issue of creeping socialism.  If Karl Marx arose from his grave and looked around, a smile would spread across his face; he would open his arms expansively and say, “Guys!  You did it!”  After all, America has implemented many of the things for which the old curmudgeon was plumping: Social Security, Medicare, trade unions, child labor laws, Medicaid, OSHA, food stamps, DSHS and general assistance.  And don’t forget consumer protection and anti-trust laws.  And as you know, whenever a politician advocates something like the Teabaggers’ wet dream of repealing Social Security, he or she is instantly consigned to the outer darkness and written off as a crank at best.  No, we Americans like our “creeping socialism.”

As for taxes.  If the Teabaggers ever looked at the Declaration of Independence, they’d see that it’s not an anti-tax screed, for only once in its 1,319 words does “tax” appear, and then only to complain of having no representation in the matter.  When the Teabaggers blubber on about 1776 and all that, what they don’t understand is that our Founding Fathers didn’t so much dislike taxes as they disliked being occupied by a foreign power — which was what England had become — and wanted to throw it out.  Which, by the way, is exactly what the Iraqis and Afghans are trying to do to us.

About the Teabaggers’ angst over the deficit, have we, the American people, indulged in wretched excess these last years?  Certainly.  In capitalist systems, such excesses take place every fifty years or so and then Pop Goes the Bubble.  Like remorseful drunks, we then hit bottom, take the pledge and stay more-or-less sober until, fifty years later, we go on another bender.  (BTW, this fifty-year cycle is called the Kondratiev wave.  Look it up at

Somebody ought to grab these Teabaggers and wash out their mouths with lye soap (pun intended).


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