Politicians are not born . . .

“Politicians are not born.  They are excreted.”  So said Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Roman writer, senator and social gadfly.  Last week’s elections prove it.  They also prove there are a lot of yahoos, peckerwoods and rednecks out there who can be riled up into an unthinking mob and turned out in their unthinking numbers to vote for cranks, Luddites, witches, wreckers and outright liars.

The Teabaggers, who were the animating force behind the so-called “sweep” of Republicans, remind me of nothing so much as a mob of Iranians gathered by the foot of their Ayatollah and, on command, shrieking “Death to America!”  When I was peddling software, I could only dream of finding prospects so gullible, so credulous, so worshipful of saviors and heroes.  These dumb bastards would buy the Brooklyn bridge.

Personally, I think the worst of them is Sarah Palin, a woman who’s ignorant and stupid and proud of it.  Of course, a moment’s pause and the reason for her popularity becomes crystal clear: She’s easy on the eyes.  She’s the stuff of an old Teabaggers wet dreams.  How many of these old fools, when banging their wives and on reaching fruition, call out “Oh, Sarah, Oh, god, Sarah.”  More than one, I’ll bet.  Sarah Palin reminds me of that girl, and every high school has one, who’s good-looking, sassy, and will screw anything in pants — jocks, geeks, badasses, it makes no difference — and usually on the first date.  And this creature wants to be President?  Yes, Sarah Palin; now there’s a politician for you.

For the next two years, we are going to be led by a bimbo and governed by people who think the earth is flat.


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