Reply to a Tired Old Man.

A few months back, when the Teabaggers were on a tear, some old fart named Robert A. Hall, circulated an email that a mutual friend passed on to me.  In his email, Mr. Hall said he was tired — tired of this, tired of that, and basically tired of the good old USofA.  I couldn’t let that email go unanswered.  Here is my reply

Yes, Mr. Robert A. Hall, I’m tired too.

Tired of people who live in the best country on earth, yet begrudge paying anything for its upkeep.  Tired of people who carp about taxes when their effective tax rates are lower then anytime since the Eisenhower administration.

Tired of people who don’t mind funding trillion dollar wars founded on filthy goddamned lies but who spew bile at their own countrymen who’ve been laid low by disease and old age and need some small change.

Tired of people who, in their comfort, look down their noses and sneer at those struck by personal calamities and misfortunes.

Tired of the lush who beats the wife and kids, steals from the company, mows down people in his car, but who rails on about some kid smoking a little weed.

Tired of hypocrites who insist that programs benefiting you and me are nothing but waste and fraud and must be eliminated, but who can come up with 76,982, 375 reason why programs that benefit themselves are sacrosanct.

Tired of know-nothings who rant about the horrid Obamacare but in the next breath scream “Don’t you dare touch my Medicare!”

Tired of people in Uncle Sam hats who, in one breath, blubber on about freedom but in the next, look for ways to dump on gays and shout their approval for secret detentions, home invasions, administrative gag orders and wire taps (i.e., the so-called Patriot Act).

Tired of people who, today, piss and moan about the state of the economy but, yesterday, cheered on the malfeasants who repealed Glass-Steagall.

Tired of stooges and shills who take up the causes of parasites who loot the company’s pension fund, wreck the company’s health insurance plan, squander the company’s assets on jets, weddings and Hawaiian condos, all while flying the company right into the ground.

Tired of assholes mocking Americans who’ve lost their homes after the boss got a huge bonus, and the company got a huge tax break, for moving the company to China – or mocking Americans replaced by H1-B visa workers from India who’ll work for dirt wages.

Tired of the most valued stocks being those of Coca-Cola and Walt Disney instead of, say, General Motors and Intel.

Tired of cranky old farts who can do nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch.

OBTW, I’m sixty-eight, you miserable old turd.


2 Responses to Reply to a Tired Old Man.

  1. Thank you for commenting on my essay, which was posted on my blog, under February of 09. Below are direct links to it and some other posts.

    You may want to check with your primary care provider. Use of foul language by the elderly is often associated with other problems. While I’m not quite 65, I am familiar with illness, as I have IPF, a terminal lung disease that kills as many, probably more folks than lung cancer. See post below. ~Bob

    I’m Tired

    Why the Rich Should be Taxed More

    This I believe

    The Coming Collapse of the American Republic

    Seven Rules for Progressives

    Economic Facts of Life

    Change that would fix America

    I’m dying


    • Bob:

      The cruelty of conservative curmudgeons is legendary. Perhaps it’s bitterness at seeing life’s most vigorous years gone a-glimmering. Perhaps it’s not having made as big a pile as one would have liked. Whatever the cause, when they rant, it’s all about me, me, me, me. Such self-absorption in unpleasant. Perhaps it comes from reading too much Ayn Rand?

      Anyway, Bob, it’s been nice trading insults with you. Keep in touch.


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