11 September 2011 – Ten Years On

Not much to say, is there?


2 Responses to 11 September 2011 – Ten Years On

  1. minipats says:

    It’s one of those “what were you doing when…” events. In my life there aren’t too many of those – President Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11. Other heartwrenching days were Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations but for some reason I have no idea what I was doing. It’s as if the addition of those two were more than I could take – the overriding feeling I had was one of “mans inhumanity to man.” Had our society become one of violence? No, the epiphany for me was that looking at history – violence always was. And yet, we call ourselves civilized.

    But with 9/11 I know what I was doing, what I felt, my reaction was to want the U.S. to go get Bin Laden. That bastard and his followers had attacked us twice. Sadly we instead went to Iraq…what is that about. I along with others wanted revenge, now. Nine years later when Bin Laden was finally killed I was glad – and I call myself civilized. What a dichotomy! What a cycle!

    All of the above mixed into a ruminating stew. As of late the stew has been seasoned with recession, job loss, wars, retributions, weather catastrophes has left may of us in looking at the powers that be with disdain….

    The World Trade Center Memorial is beautiful isn’t it?


  2. Steve Sparks says:

    See my blog http://www.livingwithptsd-sparkles.blogspot.com

    Say something about healing or shit like that. I’m launching a book tour starting in November. My book should be published sometime in October. Getting great editorial reviews so far. My publisher, http://www.signalmanpublishing.com focuses on military and faith nonficition, self help, etc.


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