I’ve been noticing, dear readers, that you have been abandoning your Humble Author’s blog in droves.  Readership has declined from a high of ten (yes, TEN) several weeks ago to just one this last week.  And zero the week before.

Well what the hell.

No one writes a blog expecting to get paid for it, so why the hell should a blogger give a hoot if it’s read or not?t?  Because readership — any readership — is good for the soul.

Originally, blogs were simple diaries found in offices.  A blogger simply recounted the mundane events of his life (8:03, discovered the drinking fountain has a leak).  Those who cared about such trivia could become informed.

Ah, then all the ninnies like me decided to become bloggers, spewing their scurrilities and vituperatutions in hopes they’d be taken seriously.  In truth, 99.99% of bloggers are so ashamed of their work that they write under pen names.  Just like me.

So keep those cards and letters coming.


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