On the Gay Thing

This was written before gay rights and gay marriage became OK

Out here in Washington, the state legislature is mulling a gay marriage bill.  If passed and signed, it will become law and as you might expect, howls of hate and rage can be heard from here to Florida.  Hot-eyed preachers shake their bibles and spout one denunciatory broadside after another as the spittle flies.  It seems their biggest beef with gays is that being gay is “unnatural” and condemned in the bible as a “sin”.

Unnatural? Consider this scenario:  One morning a thirteen/fourteen-year old kid sits bolt upright in bed and says, “Wow!  Have I got a plan for my life!  I’m going to dedicate myself to performing stomach-wrenching sexual acts on those of my own gender.  I can’t stand the thought of doing them, but by thunder, do them I will.  I will crawl into bed with these guys so we can disgust ourselves by performing acts we really don’t want to perform.  They are against ‘God’s plan’ and therefore, ‘unnatural’ and ‘sinful’.  I’m going to hate every second that I’m doing this stuff, but, hey, I’m gonna make it my bliss.

“I’m going to perform these revolting acts not only to nauseate myself with my depravity, but to break my parents’ hearts, to become estranged from my brothers and sisters, to alienate my friends, and be shunned for performing vile acts I really can’t stand to perform.  I’m going to commit these “unnatural” acts so I can be ostracized by the community, have my home set on fire, have my car wrecked, get hectored and harassed (and probably fired) at work, and have the crap beat out of me by a bunch of yobs as I walk down the street.  Yes, b`god!  This my plan”.

Well, this scenario is absurd on its face: If being gay is optional, what person in his or her right mind would ever chose it?  None.  Absolutely none.  So if being gay isn’t a choice, gay must be natural; a minority population to be sure, but natural notwithstanding.   It’s like an albinos with pink eyes; they too are also a minority, but we don’t go around telling them they cannot marry other albinos.

To conclude, I submit three propositions:

ONE:  Being gay is just as natural as being straight — or being an albino.

TWO: Whither or not a person is gay and wants to marry another gay is none of my business.  Nor is it any of Uncle Sam’s business.  Nor is it any of yours.

THREE: When reality and the bible conflict, the bible is wrong.

One Response to On the Gay Thing

  1. minipats says:

    Yup, the analogy makes a good point. And I like the three points you made.


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