The Forbidden Words

Many years ago, the nabobs at the FCC determined there were several words  that could never be spoken on any broadcast medium.  These words were proscribed out of respect and deference to certain religions.   Nevertheless, they missed a few.  One such word is “god”.  We Jews are sensitive to the word god.  In fact we are so sensitive, we spell it G_d so we won’t read or speak the name without sufficient reverence.

On The Late Show, David Letterman frequently says things like “oh, god” and “for the love of god” and the FCC makes not a peep.  But what would happen if Mr. Letterman were to exclaim “Aw, Jesus Christ! or “Sweet Bleeding Jesus!”   The switchboards would light up across the land and rednecks would hump the tent poles at revival meetings.  Old women with bugged-out eyes would tear their hair and scream “blasphemer, blasphemer” then swoon.  The FCC would fine Dave a gazillion dollars and Obama would call a press conference to say something like “there’s no excuse for language like that”.

I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored, huh.


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