The Harry Potter Short Story

Some while back I published one of my short stories.  It’s title: Harry Potter, the Rest of the Story.  As you might imagine, it pokes a bit of fun at the little wizard and his hardy band of hangers-on (Ron, Dumbledore, etc.).  I put it up for sale on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the first person to read the story was some little twit who, by what he said in his diatribe, seems to believe these fictional characters are real.  He seemed hurt that I would, “Mock Harry Potter”.  If he knew what the word “blasphemy” meant, I’m sure he would have accused me of it.  But, here, let me quote his own words:

THIS BOOK MOCKS THE HARRY POTTER SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I have read all the Harry Potter books and the book is stupid!!!!! What is the author of this book thinking????!!!!!!?????

See what I mean?  If this little twerp gets all hot and bothered over this Harry Potter nonsense, he doesn’t have enough wholesome activities in his life.  Instead of sitting around with his hand in his pants watching Harry Potter movies, he might go outside, get some sunshine and listen to the birds.

Judging by his style, he can’t be more than twelve years old so I suppose I should cut him some slack, and so I shall.  But I think his parents are derelict in their duties by letting him fill his mind with such drivel.  Harry Potter is definitely not good literature and children should not read it.  The Harry Potter stuff can cause them to lose the distinction between fact and fiction.  And maybe cause hair to grow in their palms..

However, lest you think this is all sour grapes on my part, I should point out that of all the trash I’ve written, this little story is my best seller.

If you want to check it out the story for yourselves, click this link:  It’s only ninety-nice cents.


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