More on Economic Inequality

Let’s discuss economic inequality for a minute.  It’s much in the news.  And I like to talk about it.

From whence does it come?  Economic inequality is not the result of Hard Work and Thrift on the part of some, and Sloth and Prodigality on the parts of some others. It is the result of: 1). Jiggery-pokery on Wall Street; 2). Luck (good or bad, depending), and; 3). Our stupidly in killing our unions.  Until Wall Street’s grifters and goniffs are put away for a few years and people start banding together for their common interest, i.e., rebuilding our unions and forming professional guilds, things will only get worse.

And let’s not forget that overpopulation contributes mightily as our population grows with the virulence of a cancer.  Because of this, there are a lot more people than there are things for them to do and so compensation is driven into the dirt.  India, Bangladesh and, to a lesser extent, China are they way they are because there are too many of them.  We are going in that direction and if you have more than one child per person, you are part of the problem.  Of course a supercharged Ebola virus will rectify the situation, but  .  .  .

And finally: Too many of us bow and scrape to the grifters and goniffs as they pick our pockets with games of 3-Card Monty and loaded dice.  We’re suckers.


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