The Littlest Things

It’s that time of year and the bugs are out again.  Last evening, a mosquito landed on my arm but before I could administer the lethal swat, it flew off.  A mosquito is one of the littlest things on earth, but . . .

It’s an improbable creature, but consider that its brain about the size of a pin point.  Yet that brain can operate:

  • Six independent but coordinated legs with several joints each.  These legs can walk in any direction.
  • A set of fully controllable wings.
  • A sex-based reproductive system that lays eggs.
  • Eyes.
  • Antenna that can spot air-breathing animals and can find said animals once detected.
  • Mouth parts consisting of:
    • Reciprocating saw blades to cut through the skin
    • A siphon to suck out the blood
    • A pump to do the sucking
    • A scabbard to hold all this apparatus
  • A metamorphic system that takes it from egg to larva to nymph to adult.




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