The Drought

Last night it rained.  It’s been as dry as dust around here for weeks so the rain was appreciated by most people.  But not by me.  Rain means the dried-out grass will come back to life and I’ll have to start mowing it again.  Of course the weeds will start growing too, so Jo will be on me to go dig them up.

Out here in Western Washington, mosquitoes are only a sometime problem.  Normally, our summers are dry so the little creatures dry up and die before they can ruin our lives. Of course there are enough hollow stumps, discarded tires and small declivities to hold the stagnant water in which the little bastards reproduce, so we are never entirely free of them.

Until this year.  Since late April, we’ve not gotten an inch of rain (see the chart below).  This head start on the dry season has killed off the great preponderance of the larva, and with few convenient wet places in which to lay eggs, we are enjoying a massive die-off.  It should take years for them to recover their numbers.  Ah, but with Global Warming, dry times like these promise to be the norm, so we may add mosquito-free evenings to mowing-free days.

Blessed, blessed drought.




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