BUMPTIOUS – Word of The Day, 8 July 2015

bumptious  /ˈbəm(p)SHəs/  adjective  Self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree. Examples:

1.  Donald Trump, when he toots his own horn and fires people on his dreadful “reality show” comes across as an especially bumptious fool.  But now he’s lost his TV show, thanks to the scurrilities he fired off against Mexicans.  A few days later, the head of The Donald’s TV network, NBC, called The Donald into the office, pointed a finger at him and said, “You’re Fired”.  How delicious.

2.  Cousin Maggie, a bumptious sort, went to Claudia’s wedding where she got in everyone’s face, crowing on-and-on about her job as Vice President, then got drunk and did a face-plant into the wedding cake.

3.  Billy-Bob, the school’s quarterback was a bumptious turd who never tired of sitting down at other peoples’ tables, helping himself to their pizzas and recounting his latest conquests in the back seat of his old Chevy.

4.  Thomas Jefferson, a bumptious house-proud fop is famous for saying “all men are created equal”.  And he meant it too –except for the men he kept chained to a nail-making machine in the slave quarters.  Flogged them too, he did.  Though not much by contemporary standards.


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