he Came to America

He came to America by jumping a fence, swimming across a river, hanging from the undercarriage of a railroad car, locked in the trailer of a semi, nestled in the wheel well of a jet plane or by some other harrowing conveyance.  He came here because there was nothing for him at home.  Nada.  Zilch.

He had no regular income.  What he did make was chump-change paid him by an overlord, a gringo ex-pat, a drug dealer . . .  Some ignoble source.

His mother had lost all the teeth on one side of her mouth.  His dad could no longer stand fully erect as the years of stoop labor messed up his spine. His girlfriend had a couple of health problems of her own but no money for a doctor.

His house was a shack.  The lawn was a patch of hard packed earth in which nothing grew, not even weeds.  Drinking water came from a dirty well. Diarrhea was a weekly visitor thanks to the broken refrigerator (the compressor conked out two years before).

His prospects consisted of the same-old-same-old until age, disease or misfortune carried him off.

He had to get out.  To go somewhere where there was at least the possibility of better times.  So one hot morning, he announced his decision to all and sundry, bid them farewell, picked up his bindle and said goodby.  Probably forever.

Now he’s here, picking vegetables and fruits at a series of sweltering California farms.  But he makes more money than he ever thought possible.  So much that he sends half back to his family.

He’s a wetback.  A beaner. A greaser.  An illegal immigrant.  He goes by many names.

And The Donald [Trump] doesn’t like him.  A lot of people don’t.  They figure he’s here to simply take a swig from the public tit.  But he’s not.  Why would anyone leave his family, his home, his sweetheart, his community and his country simply to pick lettuce?  I sure as hell wouldn’t.   He’s here because he had no hope.  Last year, a survey of the Mexican people showed 56% wanted to leave.  The USofA with their first choice of destination followed by Anywhere Else.

The problem of illegal Mexicans can be laid at the feet of a Mexican government that is feckless and corrupt to the bone.  It has utterly failed its people.  The Mexican government has been bedeviled by tin-pot dictators, parasites, strongmen and a party that kept its power for seventy years, thanks to rigged elections, bribery and, sometimes, murder.  The Mexican government was so weak and rudderless that in the 1800s, it actually hired an emperor from Italy to come in and run things – Maximilian III – then promptly murdered him in coup d’etat.

And so it went, and so it goes.

Not long ago, we agreed to NAFTA in hopes it might bring prosperity to that benighted country.  It didn’t.  With a few notable exceptions, Mexico is as wretched and corrupt today as it was before, its people living in penury and want.

But there is a solution, one that will probably be welcomed by the people: Install an American regency.

Throw out the toads and install an American regent in the statehouse.  It worked in Japan, Germany and Italy after WW II.  General Eisenhower dictated the German constitution, General McArthur dictated Japan’s.  They ran those countries well, leaving functional governments in place when they left.

And look at Germany and Japan now.

I say bring in the American Army to distribute food and clean water and medical care.  The Corps of Engineers can build roads, power plants and schools.  And universities.  As quickly as possible, vet suitable candidates for government positions and bring them aboard.  Cleanse the land of organized crime, including the corporate kind, establishing really harsh penalties for violators.

Within six years – seven, tops – the hoard of illegal Mexican’s that flooded in, will flood back out.  They’ll go back to their homes, their families, their sweethearts & friends, their communities & country, for by then there will be hope and opportunity.

The fences will come down, the border will be open and everyone will be happy.  Even The Donald.


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