Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a piece of shit.  Was, is, and always shall be.

Some months back, one of Microsoft’s interminable automatic updates had a bug (what else could one expect?) and destabilized a stable system.  Things started running slllloooowwww.  Then crash.  I was getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSD) thrice weekly.  One day, I got two BSDs inside an hour.

Then one morning, the damned Windows wouldn’t start.  Not even in Safe mode.  So I got out my Windows distribution CD and began the re-installation process.  That was Monday morning.  This is Thursday noon.

For security, I use Microsoft’s wretched Securities Essentials.  How many times over the last three days have I tried to get it installed?  Six, maybe seven.  Oh, it worked once but then I got some automatic Windows updates, one of which stepped on Essentials and I was stuck in Installation Hell.  I even de-installed it twice.  Well it’s working now, as is Windows.

Wishing to let sleeping dogs lie, I went into the security settings and turned off the automatic updates.  On doing so, Windows told me I had 128 updates waiting to go!  Well, you’d better believe I DSed those sons-of-bitches.

Oh, and when I tried, for the second time, to install Jo’s website creator, it worked one time but then Windows crashed twice more and the installed program disappeared from the menu.  So I went back to the external hard drive where I’d stored the exe and was told the exe was corrupt.  I’ failed to turn the external drive off and Windows had somehow gotten into the drive and wrecked the exe.  Fortunately, I had the exe on another computer so I piped it onto a thumb drive, brought it over and got a clean install.

Jo and I are starting a MacIntosh fund.  After we’ve saved enough pennies, I’ll store this computer in the garage and head for the closest Apple store.  Enough is enough.



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