About Corporations

Some Americans worship the concept of Corporations the way credulous and gullible people worship . . . Whatever. This thinking has created problems for us. Let me explain.

As worshipers tend to do, acolytes of the Corporation stoutly defend the object of their veneration; no matter what the Corporation does, it’s never wrong. The Corporation is viewed by its devotees as a supranormal form of life. Instinctive and unthinking life in the way of an insect perhaps, but a form of live nevertheless.

Defenders of Corporatism rail and froth against any and all governmental regulations and constraints. The faithful flock maintains saying “no” to the mighty priests in the boardroom is the next thing to blasphemy, maybe even heresy. The idea of regulating Corporate behavior is anathema: “The goddamned gubberment outta just get outta the way and let thems Corporations make money!” they say.

Regulations. Rank and foul. The chief bugaboo of Corporations everywhere.

But I wonder just how many worshipers understand Corporations are themselves, government regulations? No? Didn’t think so. Let’s have a reality check here. The original purpose of the Corporation was to let several people band together in some sort enterprise and thereby dodge individual responsibility for misdeeds on corporate time — if the corporation hurts you, you sue the corporation, not individual employees or shareholders. Also, Corporations exist as long as they do not operate against the common good and obey the law. All this is a good idea, really. It makes possible doing business beyond a sole proprietorship.

To create a Corporation, the people who want it go to the Secretary of State and make application and pay a fee. If the Secretary of State determines if the applicants have met all legal requirements and regulations. If they have, he or she will grant a corporate charter. This Corporate charter is in reality, a government regulation describing what the corporation may or may not do in the same way environmental regulations determine how much CO2 can come out of a smokestack. (Also, if a Corporation works against the common good or breaks the law, the charter can be revoked, dissolving the corporation in the entirety. Think about that.)

So a word to defenders and apologists of the Corporation: You may hate regulation with every atom of your beings but it turns out the object of your adoration is in fact, a regulation itself!

Ironic, isn’t it?


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