I’m told that Islam is a “religion of peace”.  Perhaps so.  But if it is, a certain part of it has turned malignant and it is matastasizing everywhere.  The “peaceful” part is all but invisible.  Consider these few examples (an exhaustive list would be longer than War and Peace):

  • A blogger in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death by flogging because of a post he wrote.
  • In London, a girl was killed by her father for “dishonoring” the clan by dressing in “un-islamic” clothes.
  • They mutilate their children’s’ gonads as a matter of course.
  • In Iran women are beaten with rebar for showing a bit of leg.  Or shot.
  • Again in Saudi Arabia, a bunch of school girls were burnt to death when the Religious Police forced them back into a burning building because they wouldn’t have male escorts when out on the streets.
  • So-called “honor killings” are a daily fact of life throughout the Islamic world.  As are rejected suitors throwing glasses of acid into the faces of the girls they wanted.
  • In Paris they murdered scores of people who had nothing to do with Islam, one way or the other.
  • In Iraq, some holy Joes said girls are ripe for marriage at age nine.
  • Here in the USofA, some creature brought in a hag to be his wife and she radicalized him.  They went on a killing spree at a Christmas party.
  • The “Islamic State” made a video of their burning a man to death, then put the video up on the internet.
  • Again in the “Islamic State”, before their warriors rape a woman, they kneel at the side of the bed and pray.  Then pray after they’re done.
  • In Africa, new depredations are committed every day, all with sexual overtones.
  • Education consists of children sitting on the ground in a madrasa, learning hate and violence from the Quran while rocking back and forth as if in a trance.
  • They breed like flies, the better to take over the world by 2020.  (see:

It’s pretty clear that Islam is shot through with nihilism, intolerance and misanthropy.

But you say it isn’t?  OK, so I ask you, where are Islam’s good deeds?

  • Jews (small in number compared to the Islamic hoards) have built hospitals everywhere.  Have Muslims?
  • Roman Catholics have built excellent schools all over the place. – universities too.  Have Muslims?
  • And how about Nobel Prizes?  Since 2003, 165 Jews have won them, as opposed to 6 Arabs.  These numbers are eye-popping, considering there are maybe thirteen million Jews in the world while the number of Muslims is in the billions.

No sir.  Islam is bad berries.  It’s a throw-back to the Stone Age when men put bones through their noses and painted themselves blue.  Islam has the morals, ethics and principles of an insect.  We must use every method at our disposal to stamp it out before it stamps us out.



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