“How Can I be a Success?”

“What factors are needed for success?”  This was a question posed by a reader on a social medium (website) named Quora.  You post your question and other Quora members are free to comment.  While Quora is a good idea, it is too often pretentious and censorious.  This, I feel is due to Quora’s Downvote feature.  If a reader doesn’t like your answer, for whatever reason, the reader clicks Downvote and away it goes.  All it takes is one downvote from one reader and the rest of the Quora members are denied your pearl of wisdom.

I get a lot of my answers downvoted because some one reader considers them to be, well, trenchant and pithy.  On the other hand, too many answers that get upvotes are prolix, simpering and full of fatuous clichés.  Some are the length of a novella or a PhD thesis.

And so . . .

I’m offering this blog as an antidote to Quora.  WordPress, on which this blog is written, has some features where people can actually post original stuff, not simply tell me I have my head up my ass.  I will convert to that format as quickly as I can get Jo the Programmer to work on it but as she prefers to spend her days out in the yard pulling weeds, it may be a while.  Hopefully, not too long a while.  In the meantime, feel free to make comments on the things you see here and unless they are defamatory or libelous,  I’ll approve them and they’ll appear unexpurgated.  And keep them short.  At least for now.

Q: What Factors are Needed for Success?

A: There are several.  While these factors will be viewed as applying to business, they also apply to such things as winning the hand of your Fair Maiden or Dashing Swain.

  • Write down a precise definition “success”.
  • Define the thing that sets you apart from, and ahead of, the competition.
  • Do analysis of your competition, current and potential.
  • See if the timing is right; i.e., are you ahead of the wave, riding it or are you behind it.
  • Identify any reasonable, potential spoilers that you foresee inside five years.
  • Do a trial marking to known, friendly and honest prospects.
  • Construct a well thought out and workable plan to achieve your success. Design, production, marketing and sales.
  • Have a mentor-like person off whom you can bounce ideas.
  • Have a way to test this plan to gauge its chance of success.
  • Have sufficient resources (of whatever kind) to change horses in the middle of the stream.
  • Ensure enough in the way of resources to give you staying power when you hit bumps – as you will.

Of course there is one other factor, one over which you have absolutely no control and it will determine your success: Luck.

When you start on your quest for this success, you will have determined your luck quotient is high, but Lady Luck is fickle. She can turn on you in a moment and with no warning. If she does turn on you, the bad luck will usually come out of left field and in a way you could not have foreseen.

Always be prepared to either regroup or shoot your venture in the head and begin again.  And don’t wait until the last dog is hanged!



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