A Prediction

Here, in no particular order, is what’s going to happen now that Republicans will have the Congress, Presidency and soon the Supreme Court.

Republicans will control all branches of government so they can never be dislodged.  It’ll be like the Communist Party in China or the old Soviet Union.

National parks will be opened to mining and commercial exploitation.  For example, a 4-lane highway will descend into the Grand Canyon to serve all the new hotels and tourist traps that’ll line the banks of the Colorado River.  An open-pit mine will be located at the foot of Bryce Canyon.

All forms of climate control will be discarded. Phoenix will be 120 F in the summer and have to be abandoned. Our middle states will become arid from the Gulf to the Canadian border.  All the farmers will go bust.  Canada will become the new Breadbasket of the World.  The states of Old Dixie will become turbid swamps while the desert reclaims California.

Our rivers will once again become running sewers and our lakes cesspools.

Labor laws will be rewritten to effectively kill unions.

Government programs that help disabled people will be cast aside.  Old mental institutions will reopen and new ones built to provide custodial care for the “unfit”.  Treatment will consist of minimal care.

The Supreme Court will be salted with cranks like Robert Bork.  The Bill of Rights will be hacked to pieces.

The FBI will become the American Gestapo.

Muslims will become the new Jews.

Food stamps will be eliminated as they are only used by the “takers” who want “free stuff”.

Farm subsidies will be eliminated.  (Oops, didn’t think of that, did we?)

Roe vs. Wade will be shit-canned so hello coat hanger.  Any woman caught getting an abortion will do ten years in the pokey.  Miscarriages will be assumed to be abortions unless proven otherwise.  New blue laws will all but eliminate birth control, save for Vatican Roulette.

Women who are raped and made pregnant must carry the fetus to term.  Just think, a victim and her husband will have a new bundle of joy crawling around on the rug.

Medicare will join Medicaid in having a means test.  If you have so little that you qualify, what you get will be a voucher with which to buy an “insurance policy”. Said voucher will have tight and insufficient limits, e.g., a $100,000 over your lifetime.  If you get a treatable cancer but the treatment costs $100,000, that’s it.  From then on, everything comes out of your own pocket or some astronomically expensive supplement and you are on your own.  Hello sickness, my old friend.  I’ve come to torment you again.

You’ll still be able to have all the guns you want, but the firing pins will be kept at the police station and you’ll have to file a federal application to use the firing pins but only for a limited time – one day in hunting season, perhaps.  Or the production of ammo will be proscribed.

The libel and slander laws will be rewritten so critical and unflattering comments about you-know-who can be squelched.  These new laws will soon be expanded to cover private individuals.  The penalties will be both civil and criminal.

State initiatives will be crushed under federal preemption laws.  For example, minimum wages will be capped by a federal law (at about $7.00) and the federal laws against weed will be reinforced with a cruelty not seen since Nixon.

Anti-discrimination laws will be repealed as a drag on business.  Red lining will become legal once again (can’t affect property values, can we?).

All the enterprising immigrants who’ve come here to become business people, doctors, engineers and the like will be spooked and go to China where they’ll be welcomed and cosseted.

Sex crimes will be winked at and seldom punished.

No only will prayer be reintroduced to our public schools but Sunday worship will be mandatory.  Attendance will be taken and if  a person misses too many services, they’ll be fined.

The Art of the Deal will be required reading in Middle School

Funding for education will be cut to the bone and what’s left will be given to the states as block grants.

We’ll continue with perpetual war in the mid-east so we plebeians can be distracted and pacified.  Iran will be included.

Russia will invade eastern Europe so as to reconstruct the Soviet Union – all with the blessing of Putin’s toady in the white house.

An ill-begotten trade policy will precipitate a trade war like the one that precipitated the Great Depression.

Old Dixie will lurch back to life and all but secede.  Emboldened, by this, Texas will do likewise, followed by the West Coast.

In tearing ourselves apart, we will become a Second World country and China will become the world’s hegemon.  The 21st Century will be China’s.

A constitutional convention will be called to rid ourselves of that pesky Bill of Rights and establish a Presidency for Life.

In an effort to prevent our country’s total ruin, we’ll have some form putsch followed by a civil war.  That, or a military coup d’état before things go too far down the chute.

So, so sad.



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