There Are Two Kinds of People

12 March 2017

Years and years ago, I read a column in Car and Driver by an author whose name I’ve forgotten. In his article, he explained there are two basic types of people: The Mammonoid and the Tediophobe.

The Mammonoid is focused on the pecuniary rewards of stultifying labor. Sometimes, if Lady Luck intervenes, they will become billionaires. In any case, Mammonoids will almost always do well money-wise. However, they will be as mind-numbing and dull as a shot of Novocaine.

The Tediophobe, on the other hand, won’t mind being rich beyond the dreams of wild avarice, but hates stultifying labor more. To the Tediophobe, being like Warren Buffet and going to the same office and doing the same thing for decades on end is too horrible to contemplate, money or no.

Of course neither exists in the pure essence, there will be a mingling of the traits. Unhappily, if the traits exist in equal measure, the poor devil will be constantly torn between these two characteristics and never find satisfaction in either.