More on The Subject de Jure

When my dad came down with a hyper metastatic nephroma, the only things they had were surgery and mustard gas.  Yes, you heard me right, mustard gas, the stuff they used in WWI to kill the enemy.  That was it.  As for diagnostics, there was the X-ray and exploratory surgery.

Now, in 2017, we have:

CT scans
MRI scans
Stereotactic X-ray
Proton beams
Open heart surgery
Heart valve replacements
Hart/lung/kidney and, yes, penis transplants
Retinal reattachment
Nerve grafts
Burn treatments and reconstruction
Hip/knee/shoulder and other kinds of joint replacements.
Laparoscopic surgery
Robotic surgery (e.g., the Da Vinci machine)
At least 300 medicines for cancer (but no mustard gas)
Statins for the heart
TPA for stroke
Bone density scans
Pacemakers and defibrillators
PSMA scans for metastatic prostate tumors (still experimental)
Cochlear implants
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo treatments
Dental implants
Root canals
Brain implants to control seizures
Bone implants

These are but a few. They all have come on the scene since my dad died. They all cost money because the people who develop and implement these treatments shouldn’t have to work for free — hell, would you? No? Didn’t think so.

Thanks to these people, when you or your kid gets sick, these ameliorative and curative treatments, which were undreamed of when I graduated high school in 1960, are there waiting for you.

I have a Stage 4 cancer that would have long since killed me were this the 1950s but today, I’m on a medicine named abiraterone acetate that has knocked it back by 90% in just under a month. Had the results of an as-yet experimental PSMA scan been different, I would have had the tumor burnt out by a proton beam. The abiraterone acetate costs $57,000 for a course of treatment. Don’t know what the proton beam treatment would have cost, but the machine that delivers it (a cyclotron) cost $150,000,000.

So you squawk about “paying for someone else’s healthcare”, right? Well Buster, just remember when the hammer blow strikes, I’ll be paying for your’s and you’ll get all the meds and treatments you need for as long as you need them. If you’re bitching about healthcare costs, you are one ignorant and ungrateful asshole.



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