Warehouse vs. Sweatshop.

Back when I was making another futile attempt to get a college degree, I worked in an automotive parts warehouse.  It was a union shop and my coworkers and I did alright.  These were men wo were the family’s sole support.  They had boats, snowmobiles, hunting gear and such yet could take the kids out for pizza when ever the mood struck.  Nice vacations, too.  The warehouse was clean and the bathroom was easily accessible to anyone, anytime.  Same with the soda pop dispenser in the lunchroom.

Contrast that with today’s most egregious sweatshop, an Amazon “Fulfillment Center”.  You can’t even go to the can without getting in trouble.  You gotta pee?  Pee in a bottle and if you don’t have a bottle, the floor will do.  Toilets are far and few between and you are timed down to the second; take too long to get it all out or clean your bum and you catch hell.  Then there are the gizmos you have on your wrist that time your every move and if Amazon thinks the thing you are doing is taking to long, it buzzes a warning: Simon Lagree is on his way.  You are always on-call so your life and plans are always tentative.  In Amazon’s eyes, its people are nothing but meat machines.  Amazon is not a union shop and that’s why it’s people are treated abominably.


One Response to Warehouse vs. Sweatshop.

  1. Patricia Strot says:

    That doesn’t bode well for Amazon. Sounds like an awful work environment.


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