Why People Love Trump

Football games: People go to them to see a player get his skull crushed.
Car races: People: to to them to see a driver killed in a fiery wreck.
Ice Hockey games: People go to them to watch a player spit out his teeth.
Basketball games: People go to them to see a player’s knee go sideways.
Mixed Martial Arts matches: People go to them to see a fighter get his brain turned to pudding.

People love violence. That’s why we have wars.

People love the guy who wins and sneer at and disparage the loser. They cheer-on the brute. It’s why bullies always seem to have a retinue of followers who can watch as their hero mortifies some poor joker who came to his attention.

And that brings us to Trump.

The more he beats up on those helpless to respond, the more his fans love him.  If you’ve ever seen any of his “rallies”, you know this is true.  His fans cheer and call for blood.

But let’s see how the shoe could fit on the other foot.  In a debate, his opponent could look at Trump’s midriff and say, “Trump, you’re gonna need an anchor chain to hold in that gut” and the audience will laugh.

Or, “Trump, I saw your hairdo when the wind blew from behind and your noggin looked like a dog with a shaved ass”.

Then there’s: Trump, I saw a pix of you at that gauche golf course of yours and I gotta say, I never saw a hind-end that big except for a Percheron at the county fair.  You stuff your pants with the funny papers, maybe?”

Or, “Trump, you look like a damned pumpkin.  What’s all that orange shit you smear on your face?  Does it help hind the wrinkles?”.

Or possibly: “Trump, from what we hear tell, you’re not much of a man in the bedroom.  I thought you said you were hung like a horse and really, it’s just a pathetic little nubbin.  You gonna start wearing a codpiece to show your fan club?”

Could use: “Trump, you’re so damned crooked it would take Yankee Stadium to hold all the people you’ve swindled and cheated.  Most people I know wouldn’t take dog shit to you to have it smelled.”

Ah: Trump, you must have a tree service on call 24/7/52 so they can trim that lying nose of yours, Pinocchio.

Maybe: “Oh, Trump.  You’re so damned stupid you can’t even read.”

And how about: “Trump, you still looking to bang your daughter?”

People like Trump can dish it out but they can’t take it.  If an opponent took some shots like this at Trump, he’d have a meltdown. What would he do? Splutter?  Cry?  Just walk away?  If he did, his fan’s would turn on him in a heartbeat, “Looser,” they’d snarl.

I’d love to see it.



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