A neat little conspiracy theory.

Jeffery Epstien was a procurer. A procurer of underage and pubescent women and girls. Scum of the earth. A debaucher of the worst sort. Now he’s dead.  But did he die by his own hand? Well, I think not. He knew too much.

So who had him knocked-off?  My guess: Donald Trump. Let’s look at the facts.

MEANS & OPPORTUNITY Epstien was like an unwanted, pestiferous animal; held captive in a cage, waiting until the executioner comes by.  And who might that executioner be? The one man who held the keys to all the cages, Donald J. Trump, POTUS. Does Trump have dedicated acolytes sufficiently dedicated to his mephistophelian person to willingly do murder?  Ya sure ya betcha. All POTUS’s do. All POTUS’s have a praetorian guard of some sort.

MOTIVE  Epstien and Trump were buddies.  Photos show the two as thick as thieves.  Birds of a feather, no? Trump has boasted of his unwholesome appetite for his then-underage daughter, saying that if he weren’t her father, he’d “date” her.  He surrounds himself with overly-young women. And, good lord, the pictures. Did Epstien procure young, under-age girls for DJT? Seems likely. More than likely.

And then there are all the poo bahs and swells with whom Trump rubbed elbows (and other things).  Billionaires galore. What would happen to them if word got out they’d been recorded schtupping little girls, girls Trump’s buddy Epstien obtained for them?  

It was a cozy little club, they all knew who the other members were.  Businessmen. Politicians. Celebrities. Churchmen. 

The worst will be a snuff video of some religious icon killing a little girl as he rapes her.  I bet Epstien has at least one.


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